The Commission is currently governed by a Board of 20 Commissioners with an inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral make up.  It is of sufficient stature, both in membership and mandate, to be of significant influence in regards to the policy and actions of all those concerned within the sector.  The Board, which is headed by a Chairman, has as its primary role, the undertaking of policy development and oversight of the sector.
The board is supported by sub-committees which through their technical coordinators have overall responsibility to manage and guide the implementation of all the Commissionís activities.  There are seven subcommittees of the board as follows:

The direct day to day activities of the Commission are handled by the operational body which is headed by an Executive Director. The major responsibilities of the operational body include:

  • Leadership for ECD development services

  • Leadership for strategic work for children

  • Regulation and Monitoring of early childhood institutions

  • Leadership for development of training, certification and accreditation systems.

  • Leadership for co-ordination of activity at the regional and community levels

  • Leading partnerships in support of interventions to raise public and parental awareness and education on Early Childhood Issues.

  • Leaderships for integrated research in Early Childhood Development.